House Hauller

  • Maison Hauller à Dambach la Ville en Alsace

1775, Coopers and Winegrowers

The Hauller House was founded in 1775, in the golden age of winemaking and the wines of Alsace. Coming from both winegrowers and coopers, five successive generations of the family have transmitted their expertise in these two trades – consequently the people became very specialized in their domains. Today the legacy is perpetuated by oenologists, wine technicians and cellar masters. Their names may have changed…but not their know-how and their passion!

The Hauller House

In the very heart of Alsace, the village of Dambach-la-Ville is the cradle of the Hauller family. In our wine cellars, the nectars slowly improve in oak barrels or in stainless steel tanks with the most up-to-date technology. Our wines are elaborated here with respect for family traditions. They reflect the diversity of the seven Alsatian grape varieties, the concentration of our terroirs and the richness of our climate. You can easily find us at the foot of the ramparts, facing the fortified gate which is also a historical monument. Moreover, as we are located on the Route des Vins d’Alsace, you cannot miss a local curiosity: “VINS D’ALSACE HAULLER” written in coloured tiles on the roof of our house.

Since 1956

The growth of the company led the founder, Mr Jean Hauller to create the company Jean HAULLER et Fils in 1956. His successor, Mr. René Hauller carried on the work by developing the brand and its distribution nationally and internationally. At the time the company took part In the Paris Show, which became an annual «expedition» but which greatly contributed to the fame of the Hauller House.

Resolutely looking to the Future

Since 1956, we have constantly invested in order to provide wines that combine tradition with modernity : a new cellar, a new winery, a new fermenting room and, since 1982, the means to elaborate our own Crémant d’Alsace…so many tools to bring you the best of Alsatian wine. Undeniably, our harvest employs equipment at the cutting edge of technology but all under the professional eye of our house oenologists. It is a quality undertaking that allows us to follow the wines from the vineyard to the bottle thus offering you the best wines in total confidence. We are also very attentive to the conservation of our vineyards and the environment in general.