Our vineyards

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Our Vines

The winery produces great wines from vineyards located mainly in central Alsace, between the towns of Scherwiller and Itterswiller. We also elaborate Grand Cru wines from the Grand Cru appellations of Frankstein and Muenchberg, two prestigious sites among the 51 Grand Crus of Alsace. Learn more…

Hand-in-hand with Nature

We wholeheartedly believe that biodiversity will be a key issue in the coming years. This is why we committed to the “Biodiversity Progress” label in 2013; we are one of the five pilot sites in France.

From pruning to harvest, the work in the vineyards is done thoroughly and zealously. Producing quality grapes while mastering the environmental impact of its activities and contributing to the preservation of biodiversity. This is our commitment to nature!

In concrete terms this means carrying out specific actions for biodiversity, such as tillage and systematic grassing-over in order to replace herbicides, reduced use of pesticides, maintenance of embankments and walls, planting of bushy hedges, installation of insect shelters and birdhouses in the centre of the plantations.